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California Cleaning Product Right to Know Act

California's Cleaning Product Right to Know Act requires online and on-label ingredient disclosure for a wide variety of cleaning products. In order to meet the CCPR guidelines, manufacturers must update the product labels of applicable products to disclose the presence of intentionally added and harmful ingredients and fragrances.

Business Objectives

Launch an easy-to-use interface that allows users to search through products by ingredient name. Meet the statutes and requirements of the California Cleaning Product Right to Know Act. Integrate with various databases that hold product ingredients.

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Search Results

Results of an ingredient search are returned in accordions. Expand/Collapse all functionality allows users to easily scan and explore each product’s ingredients list.

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Ingredient Query

The ingredient query name is referenced above the search along with the total number of returned results. Various links to external documents and reference information are listed under each within each accordion. Instances of the ingredient name within each product accordion are highlighted in yellow to ensure scannability. Pagination appears when more than 50 results are returned for a search.