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eCommerce Banking Experience Research

The banking retail experience strategy provides customers the flexibility to sign up and manage their banking according to their unique needs and preferences. It brings the in-store branch experience online and provides users with the rich information they need to make sound financial decisions.

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The Discovery Process

Our team (1 Lead UX Designer, 1 UX Manage, 1 UX Researcher, 1 Product Owner, 1 Full Stack Developer) was asked to complete the full discovery process for the Clicks-to-Bricks Initiative.

Business Objectives

Innovatively support product line strategies while aligning with the in-store Solution Center experience. Transform the product research and selection process by creating a digital banking e-commerce experience that replicates the in-store experience. Create a personalized and customer centric experience that promotes the most relevant products. Identify and capitalize upon cross-sell opportunities. Create awareness of the relevance of FNB’s products within customer’s financial lives.


1:1 Moderated Research Interviews 10+ Stakeholder Interviews in Pittsburgh, PA 10+ Branch manager/Bank Teller interviews in Pittsburgh PA, Cincinnati, OH, and Columbus, OH. 20+ Customer Interviews in Columbus, OH and Pittsburgh, PA Co-Design Sessions Usability Tests 15+ Usability tests in Columbus, OH Visual Stimulus/Ideal Experience

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Research Findings

Summary of Branch Findings and Opportunities

Make relevant product recommendations

Branch managers sell products by features, but the customer always needs to feel in control and informed when making decisions. Branch managers cross-sell when they have a relationship with the customer, are aware of the customers financial circumstances, and when the know they can make a positive impact with their product recommendations.

Digitize and Automate the Solution Center

The Solution Center and the mobile web experience helps manage traffic when the branch manager is busy and provides account information for customers to browse during their wait. The ability for customers to set appointments online will help managers manage their time and decrease the amount of time customers spend waiting for assistance.

Customer Process Flow

Summary of the processes users go through to explore and select products

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Shopper Types

The ways in which customers browse account types and features varies depending on what’s most relevant to them.

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1 User, Multiple Shopper Types

A user can fit into multiple shopper types based upon their unique situation and any relevant upcoming life events.

High Level Personas

Through user interviews we were able to establish four demographics that the majority of users fit into.

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Path to Conversation

Users narrow in on decisions as they learn more about products.

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Iterate and Define

We started the design process with whiteboard sessions and explored what MVP features and functionalities we would need to launch our pilot.

Sitemap and MVP Scope

Out team focused on the research and checkout experience. We designed our sitemap to account for what we would be designing and also what other similar experiences would exist.

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Wireframes and Prototype

We continued to facility A/B testing and validation throughout the wireframing phase. After multiple iterations of wireframes, we reached our final design and created the high fidelity prototype of the experience.

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The End Result

The end result of our research and exploration was an experience that: Simplifies the product research process by presenting users with product information upfront Makes signing up for multiple accounts a simple and familiar shopping experience Educates customers on what account they need instead of forcing them to search the site for solutions Supports Bankers working with customers in-store as well as customers shopping for products online.